Baan WinRada Boutique Rooms for Rent (บ้านวินรดา)

Like-home apartment in Chiang Mai by Pom

Booking and Payment

Please make your reservation in advance by email at
We will confirm your reservation with a return email and will advise you our bank account.
You can pay by credit card via our PayPal account. Just email us at:
We will then send a PayPal Payment Request to your email address, which will link you to PayPal secured payment. That way, we will not have your credit-card information and, in addition, you don’t need to be a PayPal member to do this.
A 3% surcharge for processing will be added to your bill for paying by credit card.
We will confirm your reservation, sending you a confirmation email after payment has been received.

 Please be careful when making any financial transactions. Do not transfer the money if you’re not sure. Baan Winrada accepts no  responsiblity for any frauds or emails coming from others claiming to be us. Please always check with us by email to


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